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Jennie Pollock

Ask London

We as a church want to be characterised by loving God and loving other people. One of the best ways of doing both is simply by listening. As we take time to listen to God we get to know him better, hearing what’s on his heart and gaining a greater understanding of how he sees the world and the situations we find ourselves in.

The same is true of our families, friends and colleagues – the more we take time to listen to them, the better we will know and understand them. And the more effectively we’ll be able to love them.

In September we will have a sermon series that seeks to engage with the questions we and our friends have about the Christian faith. But we don’t want to answer the questions nobody is asking. We want to be sure we’re listening well, not just assuming.

And we need your help.

We’d like as many people as possible to ask their friends to record a short video on their phones raising their big objections or asking their big questions. Philip, Caroline and Andy have had a go already so you can see what we mean:

The question they asked was, “In
30 seconds – what is your main objection to the Christian God?”
, but they found it helped give people time to think about it and maybe come at it from a different angle if they asked a follow up, like:

Or to put it another way, if you had a question for or about the Christian God, what would it be?

What I’m really asking is, why isn’t Christianity for you?


Philip found that some of his friends were a bit hesitant to be as bold or as blunt as they would be in real life. Do reassure your friends that although the videos may be shown to the church, we’re not going to be upset, offended or defensive about what they say – we genuinely want to listen and understand the things that matter to them.

Here’s what to do:

  1. LISTEN: Ask your friends if you can film them answering the question*: “In 30 seconds – what is your main objection to the Christian God?” 
  2. RECORD: Film it on your phone.
  3. SEND: Click here to send it to us via kck.WeTransfer.com.

There are instructions on the WeTransfer page when you click that link, if you’re doing it on your phone, you don’t need to download the app (unless you want to!), just click the white ‘Continue to WeTransfer.com’ button at the bottom to get to where you need to be. Rotate your phone to landscape to read the instructions.

*Your friends can film themselves, too, if that’s easier, and send you the video or send it direct to us via the link above.

What happens next?

We’ll collate the videos and group the questions/objections into similar themes, then throughout the autumn we will explore one theme at a time. We’ll do our best to let you know what questions are coming up on which dates, so you can invite your friends to come along, see their starring role, and hear our reflections on that topic.

We can’t promise to have all the answers – for some of these questions there simply aren’t simple, pat answers – scholars have been wrestling with them for centuries – but we’ll share the very best thinking around, and hopefully we will all be able to listen and learn together.