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God Out Of The Box

Newday – the Newfrontiers youth camp – is a rather spectacular monster. I’m sure those who have been going for years have seen it grow and stayed fairly comfortable on the whole thing, but for those of us that turned up to the Norfolk Showground for the first time (or the second time in my… Read More

Thor toy
Freddie Ingle

Who Do You Think You Are?

I am Thor, a paladin, the colour red, a Labrador, Sherlock Holmes and Raphael (the turtle, not the painter). At least that’s what Facebook quizzes tell me. Obviously most of us who take these little personality tests don’t attach too much weight to them, but they’re incredibly popular anyway. Presumably, part of the appeal is… Read More

Freddie Ingle

Rescued From Rock Bottom

I first decided there was a God when I was 13 – I was on a family holiday and there was a hurricane coming, so I prayed in desperation and when I woke up the next day, it had changed course overnight. I thought: ‘OK, there’s a God.’ But I kind of moved on with… Read More