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John Ford

Margins to Mic

I am really excited about the Margins to Mic project, which will be launched in the coming days. As each new video is released, the link will be posted here. It is an opportunity to listen and learn from those we may not often hear.

Guest Author

From Kingston to Frankfurt

by Esther Crook After giving my life to Jesus on the King’s church Kingston Alpha course 9 years ago, I developed an almost instant fascination for anything related to international mission. Thinking back, I don’t think I even really had a clue what this entailed, but I made up my mind that someday I wanted… Read More

Guest Author

A Different Kind of Builder

written by Peter Willson   On April 8th this year Tim Robertson from Compassion gave us the example of the Good Samaritan from Luke Chapter 10 as someone who was prepared to use his resources for the benefit of others. When looking at the battered form of the man on the road to Jericho, Tim… Read More

Guest Author

Blaze | After School Club!

by Heather Hannington For the first half of the Summer Term, Louise and I ran 6 weeks of an After School Club (Blaze) at Kingston Community School. Our aim for the club was to give children a fun after school experience and also introduce them to Jesus and His love.   We began each session with an activity… Read More

Jason Stocks

Searching The World For Happiness

My search for happiness started at 17, when my mum died. I spent 10 years travelling the world looking for it – I went to Australasia, Africa, the South Pacific… Externally, things appeared to be ok. I had a good job, a house, a girlfriend, but inside I wasn’t really happy. I wanted to experience… Read More

Guest Author

A Journey Towards Healing

Three years ago I found myself moving to Kingston to study for my Masters in Composing Music for Film and Television. Growing up I attended a couple of fairly traditional churches in Scotland, and so when I went along to King’s Church in Kingston, it was a quite different experience for me to see how… Read More

Guest Author

Rediscovering Joy

My high school years were filled with a great joy and a great passion for God. After becoming a Christian in my early teens, I knew that God loved me, and knowing His love for me permeated everything I did. I became a more joyful version of myself. I continued to like all the same… Read More

Guest Author

Rescued From Rock Bottom

I first decided there was a God when I was 13 – I was on a family holiday and there was a hurricane coming, so I prayed in desperation and when I woke up the next day, it had changed course overnight. I thought: ‘OK, there’s a God.’ But I kind of moved on with… Read More