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Philip Ellwood

Treasures Found In Lamentations

  “When was the last time you read the book of Lamentations?” Such was the gist of the whisper of God I sensed earlier this year. I suspect I’m not the only one who hasn’t been devouring Lamentations of late or designing sermon series’ around it. It is a much neglected book and yet in… Read More

Guest Author

A Different Kind of Builder

written by Peter Willson   On April 8th this year Tim Robertson from Compassion gave us the example of the Good Samaritan from Luke Chapter 10 as someone who was prepared to use his resources for the benefit of others. When looking at the battered form of the man on the road to Jericho, Tim… Read More

Becca Beschizza

If Trees Could Speak

  As I walk through Richmond Park, I imagine if the trees could speak, what they would say, and what they would have seen? Some of the oldest oak trees in London live there, one oak, near Richmond gate, is around 800 years old. I can’t even begin to imagine what stories he would have!… Read More

Philip Ellwood

Passion Week | Saturday

  Passion Week | Saturday   Philip Ellwood shares reflections on the silence of Saturday. Listen below or right click here to download.   Family Ideas: 1) There’s not a new Bible passage to read today. Talk together about how Jesus’ friends might have been feeling on the Saturday. Be honest together and with God about… Read More

Philip Ellwood

Passion Week | Good Friday

  Passion Week | Good Friday   Philip Ellwood shares reflections from Luke 22:47 – 23:56 Listen below or right click here to download.   Family Ideas: 1) Provide everyone in your family with plain paper and different coloured pens/pencils. Explain that the passage that we are reading today is a long passage. Whilst everyone is… Read More

Guest Author

Passion Week | Thursday

  Passion Week | Thursday   Emeka Okorocha shares reflections from Matthew 26:20-35. Listen below or right click here to download.   Family Ideas: 1) Read second part of ‘The Servant King’ from pages 291 to 292 of The Jesus Storybook Bible. 2) Share a ‘Passover Meal’ together. Discuss what different parts of the meal represent… Read More

Guest Author

Passion Week | Wednesday

  Passion Week | Wednesday   Katie Thorn shares reflections from Luke 22:1-13 Listen below or right click here to download.   Family Ideas: 1) Read the passage from Luke 22:1-13. Discuss – how is Jesus the perfect Passover Lamb? 2) Find out what is part of a Passover meal. Just as Jesus’ disciples made preparations… Read More

Guest Author

Passion Week | Tuesday

  Passion Week | Tuesday   Tim Arnold shares reflections from Mark 12:28-34. Listen below or right click here to download.   Family Ideas: 1) Read the passage from Mark 12:28-34. 2) Memory verse: Mark 12:30-31. Learn this verse by singing the song and doing the actions to the Seeds Family Worship song ‘Greatest Commandment’…. Read More

Anna Harris

Passion Week | Monday

  Passion Week | Monday   Anna Harris shares reflections from Mark 11:12-19. Listen below or right click here to download. Family Ideas: 1) Read the passage from Mark 11:12-19. 2) Discuss – what do both of these events tell us about some of the things that Jesus is passionate about? How can we be fruitful… Read More

Guest Author

Prayer & Fasting | Saturday

  Listen to Saturday’s Podcast.   Empowered: Pete Benton concludes our week by empowering us to engage with our world. READ: Matthew 28:16-19 PRAY: Pray for God’s Kingdom to be extended across the earth. Pray that God would break your heart for the nations and for those that don’t know God. Ask God to show you… Read More

Philip Ellwood

Prayer & Fasting | Friday

  Listen to Friday’s Podcast.   Empowered: Philip moves us on from encountering God to being empowered by Him; empowered to engage with our city. READ: Jeremiah 29:1-7; Acts 4:23-31 PRAY: Pray about what it means for you to live empowered by God to make a difference for His kingdom where you are. Pray for King’s… Read More

Jamie Rowsell

Prayer & Fasting | Thursday

  Listen to Thursday’s Podcast.   Encounter: Jamie explores the power of God and how that should affect how we pray. READ: Matthew 8:23-27 PRAY: Pray that God would enlarge your view of Him today. Pray that you would know God’s power in your life, your family and your work. There is power in the name… Read More

Andrew Brand

Prayer & Fasting | Wednesday

  Listen to Wednesday’s Podcast.   Encounter: Andrew Brand looks at what it really means to take up your cross and how encountering Jesus really is life changing. READ: Mark 8:34 PRAY: Are there areas of your life that you haven’t surrendered fully to God? What does denying yourself look like? Surrender your heart to God and… Read More

Philip Ellwood

Prayer & Fasting | Tuesday

  Listen to Tuesday’s Podcast.   Encounter: Philip unpacks the parable of the prodigal son. We see how we can so easily play the role of either son and how an encounter with a loving Father awaits us. READ: Luke 15:11-32 PRAY: How do you see yourself in this story? How can you pray in light of… Read More

Philip Ellwood

Prayer & Fasting | Monday

  Listen to Monday’s Podcast.   Explore: Philip introduces our week of Prayer & Fasting and encourages us to explore the Gospel again. See how the Gospel transforms prayer and what it means to pray. Read: Galatians 4:4-9 Pray: How can you get the most out of this week of Prayer & Fasting? Seek God today. Explore… Read More

Guest Author

Blaze | After School Club!

by Heather Hannington For the first half of the Summer Term, Louise and I ran 6 weeks of an After School Club (Blaze) at Kingston Community School. Our aim for the club was to give children a fun after school experience and also introduce them to Jesus and His love.   We began each session with an activity… Read More

Philip Ellwood

Where’s Your Chair?

Back in May, as part of our ‘Vital Signs’ series, we looked at what it is to ‘Live Nourished’: to have healthy hearts that are regularly fed by time experiencing God speak to us through the Bible. A number of people were impacted by the video clip we showed of American Pastor, Bill Hybels. Hybels… Read More

Guest Author


Written by Kate Goddard   On Saturday 22nd April, I struggled out of the house, past whining children (mummy! Why do you have to go out mum??!) and breakfast debris, running far later than I had planned… I then battled with delayed buses and roadworks before arriving at Everyday Church Kingston for the Devoted women’s… Read More

Becca Beschizza

This Woman Can | Devoted 2017

  Sat on the sofa, the TV flickers, an advert for This Girl Can flashes up; women all ages, shapes and situations take on something and accomplish it. Running, swimming, judo…it really is quite inspirational! I feel empowered, I smile at the portrayal of women accomplishing their goals. For a moment I think of my… Read More

Philip Ellwood


Philip helps us centre our hearts on God in gratitude and worship. Envisioning us for the week, he encourages us to explore prayer and fasting in a deeper way. Listen: Listen below or right click here to download. Read: ‘O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints… Read More