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Chats with Abby – An Interview with Pippa Coupland

It was on one those really hot days a few weeks ago, walking along the river with a friend, when I bumped into a familiar face. I really love those moments in life – when you see someone you recognise. Sometimes I get that awkward rush that makes you want to jump into a bush… Read More

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Joyful Generosity by Jenny Rodriguez

Hello Kings church family, today we want to share with you our experience and how God and the church has been a real blessing to our family.  For some years now in my family we have had financial problems in which we have not been able to solve them because as some know, in 2018… Read More

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Where do I start? Praying for our church, the borough and the nations.

Listen to this short podcast by Andrew Smith on this important topic. Listen below or right click here to download. Here are some pointers and verses to help us cry out to God for those in need in the Kings Church Family, in the Community of Kingston and internationally in Zimbabwe. He has told you,… Read More