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Becca Beschizza

If Trees Could Speak

  As I walk through Richmond Park, I imagine if the trees could speak, what they would say, and what they would have seen? Some of the oldest oak trees in London live there, one oak, near Richmond gate, is around 800 years old. I can’t even begin to imagine what stories he would have!… Read More

Guest Author


Written by Kate Goddard   On Saturday 22nd April, I struggled out of the house, past whining children (mummy! Why do you have to go out mum??!) and breakfast debris, running far later than I had planned… I then battled with delayed buses and roadworks before arriving at Everyday Church Kingston for the Devoted women’s… Read More

Becca Beschizza

This Woman Can | Devoted 2017

  Sat on the sofa, the TV flickers, an advert for This Girl Can flashes up; women all ages, shapes and situations take on something and accomplish it. Running, swimming, judo…it really is quite inspirational! I feel empowered, I smile at the portrayal of women accomplishing their goals. For a moment I think of my… Read More