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Does God heal today?

As a church, we are firmly convinced that God’s healing power was not limited to Bible times. We often pray for healing for one another in our midst because we believe He still heals today.

We don’t often have the opportunity to share the results of our prayers for healing, so here, for your encouragement, are just three that have been related to us in recent weeks:


Ready to run

I was in a nasty car crash a couple of months ago on my way home from work. It was my first crash, and I felt pretty shaken after it. Thankfully only the car was damaged, but the next day I started to get quite a sore neck that got worse throughout the day. People started warning me of whiplash and how it can be quite serious and long-lasting. I began to feel myself worrying about it (which can often make it feel worse), and I had the Paris half marathon 3 days later and began to think I might have to pull out. Sarah Smith prayed for me, that the pain would go, that I would be able to stop worrying, and that I’d be able to run in the race. The pain didn’t go away straight away but the fear immediately went, and then the next morning when I got up, due to leave for Paris that afternoon, is was completely gone and I could move my neck in every direction! I prayed God would show me if it wasn’t right to run the race but I felt reassured all was fine and ran it with no pain whatsoever and in my fastest time yet! Praise God!

It is easy to be by what people say sometimes, so when someone says, ‘Be careful, it can be nasty,’ I prepare myself for the worst, so I had to really give this to God and be reminded again that his ways are more powerful. He can take away fear of what can be, and heal completely even the little things!  Jo


Passing on the blessing

Stories of healing for me began with a headache which I gave a testimony about in church. Next was a neck ache which Philip prayed for. There was no instant healing this time, but it felt much better. I then went on to pray for Daryl who had a knee injury. He experienced instant healing and has remained without pain. Btw, my neck is completely healed now too! – Emeka


The gentle touch of God

Having had lower back pain all my life, I had thought that it was just the way it was for me. However, one night I watched a YouTube video of someone praying for a guy who had back pain. In the video you could clearly see one of his legs (which was a lot shorter than the other) growing as they prayed to match the other leg, which then healed his back pain. I checked if my legs were the same length and found one of them was a lot shorter than the other and thought how cool would that be for God to grow my leg one day…

A few weeks later, Terry Virgo was preaching and said he felt God wanted to heal people of lower back pain, neck pain and knee pain. I immediately knew I had to go and get prayer as I had all three! When he started praying it was incredible – I both felt and saw my leg grow! But what really touched me was that the feeling of God growing my leg wasn’t a dramatic, alien feeling as I had imagined it would be, but the most natural, gentle touch and feeling of God restoring something to the way he had designed and intended it to be.

As I experienced this I was overwhelmed by God’s incredible gentle heart and touch towards his undeserving children, a gentle side of him I had never experienced before. I was also overwhelmed to realise how much he really cared about the details of our lives. – Elaine


Picture Credit:Abandoned Crutches by Don (Creative Commons, cropped from original)