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Early Birds

When Dan and Ross approached the church office with their proposal for providing better coffee at a better price and with a better conscience than we were getting from the university on a Sunday morning, we were intrigued. As we chatted to them about it it became clear that this wasn’t just a whim, they were truly passionate about being able to provide a great product that was not only enjoyable for us, but really honoured the process, too.

We asked Dan to tell you all about it:


“I cannot be healthy on a sick planet” – Lee Saxby

I know a fraction of what I could about the food that sustains me; the who, the where, the when, the how. At best I remember, occasionally, to be thankful, which is less often than I know would be good for me. I don’t know so much about the clothes that warm me, keep me dry and colour me. The who, the where, the when, the how again tends to be missing from my consumer process. What I do know about these things is incidental at best. I don’t blame myself, but I don’t know who to blame either; Ironic. I know next to nothing about these motorised and electric automobiles that get me from A to B; the how, the who, the when. Or about the fuel used to do so. I’ve heard about how it affects our environment, apparently crucial to our existence, and also about the implications that all of the above mentioned have on our understanding of ethics and morality.

I do know that it is all very convenient, quick, easy and I need not ask any questions.

There is satisfaction in process, right? I think I miss it. Yeah, that’s it. I’m a process kinda guy. It doesn’t feel good being so detached.

Coffee seems to be such a mainstay for so many of us, it’s so commonplace and present. How did something so exotic become such a global commodity? Hand picked by a faceless person so remote to me. It’s always on the table, it always gives us something to do, to talk over, but I ask so few questions of and about it. How much do I spend on coffee? Who am I giving my money to? There is no way I’m paying as much as I should for something that has been through such a lengthy, meticulous process. I suspect that I massively under value what I put into my body, nutritionally and financially. Cheaper is better though right?

I suspect, when it comes to knowing what I could about coffee I know not so much.

Brewing Control Chart 570Our time and culture says all things are available at a click of a button. A few of us wanted to take the time to offer a coffee that we’ve connected with, from picking, to roasting to brewing. It’s been laboured over. A process that requires the skill of so many hands. As so many of us regularly take the time and effort to gather and connect it seems fitting to serve it.

This coffee is not fair trade it’s direct trade, I won’t do the concept justice here, so here is a link to a beautiful film about it. I’d thoroughly recommend you rent it.. From Farmer to Roaster to Us to your cup. No middle men. Each has a vital detailed role in the process and it all adds up to excellence; satisfying. We’ve taken great care and time to source the best according to our knowledge and taste.

We’ve scrutinised the whole brewing process, tried many different techniques and recipes (weights, times, temperatures, ratios) to be sure that we truly know how to deliver to you the most authentic and skilfully brewed cup of coffee. The milk is local, organic, whole, unhomogenised. The cups compostable, the tea from an independent local importer, it’s loose and it’s fresh with every effort made for the perfect brew, and the sugar is raw cane. All as natural and wholesome as can be.