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Founders’ Day at Kingston Community School

Yesterday Kingston Community School (KCS) celebrated their Founders’ Day with an assembly for the children’s families and guests who have supported the school in its first year. I was lucky enough to be invited along with Catherine Joseph (governor), Philip Ellwood, Peter Holmes (vicar of St Peter’s), Andrea Craig (local Councillor) and James Berry our local MP, to mention a few. Many others couldn’t attend due to work.

It was such a lovely atmosphere. The whole school so far (Reception) squeezed into the hall and sang Shine Jesus Shine for us. Each child then each stood and said what they hoped to learn (prompted by teacher!) and placed a brick with their picture and ‘hope’ on them, making a wall. Hopes ranged from learning to do a roly poly to learning to paint like Jackson Pollock! (You can see the wall,and more photos from the morning, on the KCS Facebook page.) We then watched a very amusing video of the children dancing to the Happy song and each child was presented with a medal to commemorate being part of the founding families at the very beginning of the school.

CertificateAnd of course there was a cake!

It is very special to be in at the beginning of this project. What had I done to be able to be part of it? I volunteered to make drinks at one of the open evenings last term. Perhaps you could do that as well? Help build the ‘Community’ round the school and get the children off to a flying start in life.

The school really appreciate the support they get and were giving out certificates to say thank you. Here is ours. Thanks to everyone at King’s who has helped!