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Fun, Food and Church Family – Ashburnham 2015

I have recently booked my tickets to Ashburnham 2015. I went to the first ‘New Ground’ conference two years ago and it was absolutely fantastic! For me, it was one of those key weekends where God speaks and does amazing things in you. I was so encouraged and spurred on! The teaching, worship, ministry times, and breakout sessions/workshops were really life-changing as I met wonderfully with the Lord. One of the words someone had for me at that conference has also started to come true over the past year, and it has kept me going through some very difficult times.

I chose to camp for the whole weekend, which was fun (partly because I took a blow-up bed and duvet!). Going away for the weekend with a group of us from church also meant that I really got to know some of the KCK family much much better and others at church that I had not met before, and that was a great blessing, as we have been friends ever since! We were able to all gather together under our church marquee and share breakfasts, bacon sandwiches, and copious volumes of hot drinks in the rain – not to mention a BBQ!

During the conference itself, I also met some wonderful people from across Europe, heard testimonies of what God was doing across the globe,  and was able to both encourage and be encouraged by them! It was great to feel more of a part of the broader New Ground family and catch the heart and vision that the Lord has given!

I seriously would encourage you to book and come. It’s a great time to meet with the Lord, soak in His presence for an extended time, and have Him work deep in our hearts. Plus time to build deeper relationships with the wonderful part of the body that we belong to, King’s Church Kingston, as well as other people across New Ground. I honestly am excited and cannot wait to go again this year, and see and hear all that God is going to do! I know it will be good and am expecting great things! So book your tickets and come!

Note: the next price break is on 31st March, when the price per adult will rise by £35 so take advantage of the discount and book now!