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Newday 2016 Review


285 first time commitments to Jesus.
231 verified healings.
Over £120,000 given to church planting around the world!

God is at work in the lives of a generation of young people and Newday 2017 was testament to that.

On Monday August 1st we set off with 9 young people, a bunch of leaders and some who had signed up to serve, to join 7000 others for 6 days of worship, teaching and relationship building at Newday; an annual conference aimed at those aged 12-19.

A typical day at Newday includes separate morning meetings for 12-14’s and 15-19’s which involve games,worship and teaching. This is followed by a variety of seminars to choose from ranging from ‘Hero’s of the faith’ to ‘Living a spirit filled life’. The afternoon allows time to socialise and explore the many cafes, activities and entertainment that is available. The day ends with a final meeting for all ages with the cafes opening again late evening until bedtime.

Each year I am so encouraged by the way our young people engage and this year was no exception. They are such a joy and privilege to lead and their passion and enthusiasm is infectious. This year a popular seminar stream for our group was one titled ‘Tough Questions’ looking at issues such as sexuality, science and suffering. It was great to explore their thoughts and questions over lunch after such seminars and exciting as we go into our ‘Ask London’ series continuing to look at questions along this theme.

I personally found myself in a seminar steam called ‘Life Shaking Stories’. Each morning a different story was told, some from history and some more recent. I found this so helpful in fuelling my faith as I heard stories of God’s miraculous provision, healing and salvation. I always find that at Newday, I tend to reflect on the work we are doing at King’s Church with our young people and I felt my faith for our group grow as I listened to these stories.

Another highlight was spending time together as a group, making memories and building friendships. From the boys playing Triggerhappy TV style jokes with Simeon’s buggy to Human Cluedo and water-fights (ask the young people about any of the above!) we had such fun together as a group with many moments that will be etched in our memories for years to come.

It is now September and we are looking forward to a new academic year. I am excited about Ignite and expectant for real fruitiness this year in the lives of our young people. Our prayer as a youth team is that our young people grow and grow and grow in relationship with God all year round and not just for one week in the summer. Dan and I have really felt that God has been directing us to focus on discipleship with the young people this year and much of what we do will be centred around this.

I have been attending Newday since it began in 2004 and every year I am struck by the incredible atmosphere that is produced when thousands of young people come together expecting to meet with and hear from God. God certainly speaks in numerous way and young people are built up, encouraged and equipped to go out and serve Him all year round. If you have never been and are keen for a faith boost… how about Newday 2017?!