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Louise Richmond

Ready for Blast Off!

What was the last mission you were sent on? What was the last quest you succeeded in? When was the last time you had whipped cream all over your face? If you can’t remember you might want to join with dozens of other members of King’s Church in enrolling in the very exclusive, Mission Academy .

‘Safety Checks’, ‘Blast off’, ‘Communication Station’, ‘Mini, Micro, Macho, Mental and Mega Missions’… These are just some of the elements of the Sunday morning that the Sparklers (age 3 to Year 1) and Flames (Year 2 to Year 6) children have been enjoying every Sunday morning since October.

King’s Kids is an exciting place to be at the moment. Over the last few weeks, the children have not been joining with the rest of the church for the main meeting, however they have definitely not been forgotten.  The move to the Clattern provided us with the opportunity to once again be creative and think about how we can best serve our children.  We thought about the potential challenge of getting children from the main entrance over to the other building and decided to link with our ‘space’ themed sessions and create a ‘boarding area’ where the children wait for the next ‘shuttle run’ that takes them up to their rooms.  When the children arrive at the boarding area they receive their passport and are given stamps each week. The children collect up their stamps each week and once they have collected 10, 30 and 60 stamps they can look through the catalogue to order a prize that they will receive the following week. Once the children have their passport, they wait behind the barrier in the boarding area until the countdown clock gets to 0. Once it reaches 0, the children get on their ‘shuttle’ and travel up to the King’s Kids rooms.

On arrival in the King’s Kids rooms, the children ‘Power Up’ – taking part in various ‘missions’ (games and challenges). When the final ‘shuttle’ has arrived,  they are ready for ‘Blast Off’ (which usually involves a very loud countdown!).  The rest of the morning includes games (sometimes messy ones, even for the leaders!), Bible teaching, a memory verse, drama, videos, crafts, worship and prayer.

Answered Prayers

Over the past few weeks, God has been answering some very specific prayers in King’s Kids. We have been praying for new families…then new families arrived. A few weeks ago, God told me to pray for 20 children for that Sunday…then we had 20 children that Sunday! (A couple of weeks later we had 24 children.) There have also been many weeks when children have been hearing God speak to them and they have been drawing pictures or writing words of what God has been saying to them. Children are enjoying engaging in worship and are excited about God and Church. One family recently sent an email to say that that they asked their child what three things she was looking forward to at the weekend and church was number one. “She loves having her passport stamped and waiting for her journey and thoroughly enjoys her meetings.”

So since God has been answering our prayers, we would like to ask him for even more. And perhaps you may be God’s answers! Here’s how you can join us in praying:

* That the children would continue to meet with God, and to understand and respond to the Gospel;

* For wisdom and creativity for the team;

* That more families would join the church;

* For more team members;

* For wisdom about how to best serve our children and families in the new venue.