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Philip Ellwood

How could a loving God allow suffering?

When you combine social media, an atheist friend and the enormous question of how a Christian accounts for so much suffering in the light of the dreadful earthquakes in Nepal earlier this year, you have a potentially explosive question! You also have an opportunity: an opportunity to pray, study and live as a follower of… Read More

Philip Ellwood

Sword, Spade or Staff?

Warrior? Servant? Shepherd? Builder? Gardener? Farmer? Can we sum up what it is to be a Christian man? For some Christian men, especially those in the 18-35 demographic (amongst whom I remain for two more precious years!), the ‘warrior’ concept is appealing and motivating. Others are understandably repelled by either the historical horrors of ‘warrior… Read More

Jason Stocks

Searching The World For Happiness

My search for happiness started at 17, when my mum died. I spent 10 years travelling the world looking for it – I went to Australasia, Africa, the South Pacific… Externally, things appeared to be ok. I had a good job, a house, a girlfriend, but inside I wasn’t really happy. I wanted to experience… Read More

Guest Author

Rediscovering Joy

My high school years were filled with a great joy and a great passion for God. After becoming a Christian in my early teens, I knew that God loved me, and knowing His love for me permeated everything I did. I became a more joyful version of myself. I continued to like all the same… Read More