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Becca Beschizza

This Woman Can | Devoted 2017


Sat on the sofa, the TV flickers, an advert for This Girl Can flashes up; women all ages, shapes and situations take on something and accomplish it. Running, swimming, judo…it really is quite inspirational!
I feel empowered, I smile at the portrayal of women accomplishing their goals. For a moment I think of my goals and dreams, and hope rises. Until the next advert rolls on, and my mind is then diverted to a list of tasks, jobs, and the busyness of life once again takes priority.

This Girl Can, says they are trying to help women overcome the fear and judgement that stops them joining in. It’s not hard to pinpoint the common factors that make it hard for us to join in, to reach towards our goals, and believe that dreams are more than simply that, dreams.

Looking at how Jesus sees women, and then looking at myself and those around me, there has always been a sense within me that of all the people saying “This Girl Can”, it should be women of God. Women who have faith in a Sovereign God, who calls us His daughters through Christ Jesus. It makes sense then, that He gives us dreams and goals, and that He calls us to lean on His strength. It also makes sense that accomplishing them would be impossible without Him!


That one little word, with a big impact.

When we lay it aside…we realise that with God, This Girl Can…do anything He has called us to do.

So I had a dream, that we would have a women’s day, in Kingston. For all women to be invited to. A day that shared this message of hope, that reminded and equipped each and every woman that God has called them to live in total freedom from fear or judgement, to dream big, and live out these dreams with Him.

I found myself, with only a dream, and a laptop…emailing Everyday Kingston to ask if we could use their venue. I had a day, and an idea for a venue. That was it.

No idea what else to do.


Then I met Beth, who leads the women’s ministry at Everyday, who incredibly had organised many women’s days, and we became a team!

Then, with a team in place, the reality of this dream began to emerge before my very eyes, and now I sit, with a pile of invites to send out to the churches in and around Kingston, to invite women along!

Why? Because God made each and every woman unique, each with a specific call upon their lives. A women’s day can conjure up all manner of ideas, but really, it’s time, to take out from the busyness, to spend listening to God and allowing Him to work in our hearts. To remind us again of the truth of who He is, and who He has made us to be, and be free in the knowledge that with God… This Woman Can.