About Us

King’s Church Kingston exists to help the people of Kingston and the surrounding area discover the life-changing reality of knowing Jesus personally.

We are a part of the New Ground network of churches within Newfrontiers.


The story of King’s Church Kingston began in 1993 when twenty eight members of Queens Road Church (now Everyday Church), a Newfrontiers church in Wimbledon, started out on a journey together to plant a brand new church in the heart of Kingston, under the oversight of QRC. Meeting at first in a home in New Malden, the group quickly grew to the point where in April 1994 it was ready to launch a weekly public meeting in Barnfield Community Centre, on the edge of North Kingston.

Over the next few years the church grew, until it was too big for Barnfield, and in May 1999 it moved to Fern Hill Primary school, where growth continued.

In April 2011 we moved to the TA Centre, and in September 2014 to Kingston University. January 2017 brought with it a move to The Rose Theatre and the future looks full of promise. With a vision to be a big church in the heart of Kingston, we are hoping and believing God that He will make a significant impact on this great town through us!