King’s Church Kingston is led by a team of pastors, Philip Ellwood, Patrick Corbett and Mark Goddard. The word ‘pastor’ is a term the Bible uses, along with other words like ‘elder’ or ‘shepherd’, to refer to men to whom God gives the responsibility of leading and teaching the church.


Philip and Caroline_portrait_cropPhilip Ellwood – Lead Pastor

Philip Ellwood, pictured with his wife, Caroline, is the lead elder of the church and works full time in the office. A former teacher of history and sports, Philip takes every opportunity to pursue his passion for both subjects.



Patrick Corbett – Pastor

Patrick is married to Liz, and they have been part of King’s Church Kingston for years. Patrick came into Eldership in 2018. They have 3 children.



 Mark Goddard – Pastor

Mark & his wife, Kate, are proud parents of 3 amazing children under 11. Mark came onto the Eldership team in 2018.




Staff Team

The pastors at King’s Church Kingston are supported by a staff team, each of whom carry different responsibilities in the church. The team is: Jamie Rowsell (Worship & Communications), Anna Harris (Administration), Louise Richmond (King’s Kids) and Peter & Janine Willson (Operations – Maternity Cover)


Life Group Cluster Leaders

Jason & Vicky Stocks and Mark & Kate Goddard each oversee a cluster of three or four Life Groups, in order to provide support and direction to Life Group leaders and their groups.


Ministry Leaders

There are a number of other leaders in the church, of Life Groups, serving teams and other ministries. Some of these are: Becca Beschizza, who leads our women’s ministry; Patrick Corbett who leads the men’s ministry. Jamie Rowsell & Abigail Ellis lead our Students ministry and Heather Hannington leads Little Sparks (Crèche).