We aim to love and serve those aged 60 and above, and we are thrilled to be supported by King’s Church Kingston. Normally Elderberries is meeting every other Tuesday during term-time from 10-11:30am at Berrylands Christian Centre

However, at this time Elderberries is temporarily shut down, however it has morphed into a COVID Care Group instead! Currently we are supporting about 25 vulnerable people in the area (not just the elderly), but it has capacity to grow. We are offering phone calls, shopping and picking up prescriptions, but we are thinking of setting up zoom sessions for fitness, singing and art, too. We would also like to offer prayer over the phone.

Normally Elderberries will be enjoying a range of activities such as; outings, talks, crafts, cooking, gardening, cinema, theatre, quizzes and games, sports, parties and much more!

To find out more; email elderberries@kingschurch.com.



We would love you to support us in Prayer. Pray for great connections with the Elderly in our borough and for Elderberries and the Covid Care Group to have a brilliant impact in the community.


If you want to serve as volunteer in this team, please contact the church office (office@kingschurch.com). We’d love to have you join us!